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Monday 12 June

nos futurs

‘Nos Futurs’ de Remi Bezançon, comedy | drama | 1h37 | 2015
Deux amis d’enfance, qui s’étaient perdus de vue depuis le lycée, se retrouvent et partent en quête de leurs souvenirs…

Yann who is trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to cope with his life generally and especially bereavement decides to look up Thomas, his best friend from high school. Thomas is the same crazy character as he ever was and between them they cook up a plan to rearrange Yann’s birthday party from their high school days and get all their old friends to come along. This means locating their friends and a journey to visit and convince some of them to join in their plan. How their friends have changed, their lives and the revelations provide plenty of humour. But why is his friend Thomas just the same as he ever was ?

Monday 19 June

des etoiles‘Des Etoiles’ de Dyana Gaye | drama | 2014 | 1h28

Entre New York, Dakar et Turin, les destins de Sophie, Abdoulaye et Thierno se croisent et s’entremêlent. Des premières désillusions aux rencontres décisives, leur voyage les mènera à faire le choix de la liberté.

Between New York, Dakar and Turin, the destinies of Sophie, Abdoulaye and Thierno cross paths and are intertwined. After the first disappointments during crucial encounters, their journey will lead them to choose freedom.