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Mon. 25 July 2016
alexandre le bienheureux
‘Alexandre le bienheureux’

by Yves Robert, 1968, 1h32, comedy
Lorsque sa femme meurt, Alexandre décide de reprendre un rythme de vie beaucoup plus en accord avec sa nature.  Il ne quitte plus son lit. Ses voisins vont alors se mobiliser pour le forcer à reprendre une vie active.

When Alexandre’s wife dies in a car accident, he cannot believe his good fortune.  He can now do as he likes and decides to be lazy and spend time lying in bed.  His behavior is considered scandalous by his neighbours, who do everything they can to drive him out of bed.


Mon. 1 August 2016
18th Cinemallience (1)‘Kenyan Trailers’ with LightBox® Africa.
Screening of a variety of traillers followed by discussions on the advantages and disadvantages of using trailers as a marketing strategy.
Mon. 8 August 2016
camille redouble‘Camille redouble’ by Noémie Lvovsky, 2012, 1h55.Quand Camille apprend qu’Eric, son amour de jeunesse et mari depuis 25, la quitte pour une jeunette, elle est effondrée. Le soir du 31 décembre, elle se trouve soudain renvoyée dans son passé.   Elle a de nouveau seize ans.

An emotionally distressed woman goes in search of her lost youth in this bittersweet time-travel comedy. Camille, in the midst of a painful divorce passes out at a New Year’s Eve party and wakes up back in her youth.
Nominated for 13 César Awards including Best films, Best Director and Best Actress.