Cinémalliance – Every Monday at 6pm, free of charge

The Cinemalliance programme brings you diverse French, Francophone, Kenyan and World cinema from different perspectives – Every Monday at 6pm, entry free

From 19 Jan. to 19 Feb.
Watch the best of new generation French films online and vote for your favorite film.
The CinemAlliance programme will screen six of the ten feature films in competition
from 22 Jan. to 19 Feb.

la-fille-du-patron115 JAN @ 6pm
ROMANCE | 1h38 | 2015
‘The Boss’s Daughter’ is a tale
of love and labour. A 40-year
old factory worker falls for his
boss’s daughter who is conducting
ergonomic studies in the factory
noces-10907522 JAN @ 6pm
DRAMA | 1h38 | 2016
‘A Wedding’ is inspired by true
events. The film follows a young
Pakistani girl living in Belgium who
is forced into an arranged marriage
by her parents.
poster_rock-n-roll29 JAN @ 6pm
Comedy | 2h00 | 2016
A hilarious satire about living life
in the public eye and its ridiculous
demands on appearances and image.
Real-life couple Guillaume
Canet and Marion Cotillard play
themselves in this showbiz comedy.
crash test aglae5 Feb @ 6pm
Comedy drama | 1h25 | 2017
Obsessed with her work at a car crash
test site, Aglaé accepts to follow her
job to India when the operations are
relocated. In the company of two
colleagues, she embarks on a car
journey which turns into a personal quest.
dans la foret12 fev12 Feb @ 6pm
THRILLER | 1h43 | 2016
Two young boys travel to Sweden to
visit their father. They are delighted
to spend time in a cabin in a beautiful
forest but soon grow uneasy with a
solitary father who does not want to
return to civilization.
victoria 19 feb19 Feb @ 6pm
Drama |1h37 | 2016
Victoria, a powerhouse blond attorney, suffering from midlife crisis, is asked to defend an old friend accused of attempted murder.
She accepts but life is about to take a
disastrous turn.
max et lenny 26 feb26 Feb @ 6pm
DRAMA | 1h26 | 2013
Max is an illegal teenager who
supports her Congolese family.
Lenny wishes to be a rap singer,
the language of her soul. Music is
the bond that unites the two friends
on the fringes of French society in