11 – 31 July 2016
Alliance Française art galleries

Street diaries

Many people move in urban spaces without noticing the art that is a fabric of our everyday lives, that decorates the surroundings of our urban environment. It might just escape their eye or be blamed on activities of subversive elements in our society.
A collective of street artists bring their art to a gallery space to demystify street art and encourage the public to interact, appreciate and interrogate the experience created by street artists.
Using a broad range of street art techniques, 20 artists with pen names as eclectic as their work: Kerosh, Swift, BANKSLAVE, bebeto, Kenna, Msale, sticky, Chela, Blaine 29, sermone, fume, eljay, vandal, smasher, detail 7, Bantu, native, Smoki, victart and tak 1, will show the raw energy and authenticity that is a hall mark of this often rebellious form of art.
Many of these artists regularly participate in community and civic education projects as well as commissioned work.
Beaucoup de gens se déplacent dans l’espace urbain sans même remarquer que l’art est présent dans notre vie quotidienne et dans notre environnement urbain. Un collectif de street-artist apportera son art, le temps d’une exposition, dans notre galerie afin de démystifier le street-art et encourager le public à interagir, apprécier et s’interroger sur l’expérience créée par l’art de rue.