24 & 25 September 2016
Saturday and Sunday 3 & 6pm
Alliance Française auditorium, 500/-nairobi lich

A satirical play, free from perversion, with a story set in the rural Nyanza area and Nairobi region. It highlights the cultural aspects bedeviling inheritance in the African society and the strife of individuals in the city.

Saturday 8 October 2016
GoDown art centre, 6pm, Free
1 Ombre de Coré

Avec cette pièce chorégraphique, Mickaël Six et Sami Loviat-Tapie proposent un dialogue poétique entre le corps et la lumière, le réel et le virtuel. A l’instar de la déesse Coré, les danseurs se confrontent tour à tour à la lumière et à l’ombre. La musique délicate et la fluidité de la performance apportant une touche résolument rafraîchissante à ce spectacle hip hop.
Un spectacle étonnant à l’inventivité débordante. Vive la poésie au pays du hip-hop !

‘A l’ombre de Coré’ (‘In the shadows of Kore’ – the Greek Maiden) is a poetic hip hop dance choreography by the French dancer/choreographer Mickaël Six and the talented dancer Sami Loviat-Tapie. The choreography presents a poetic dialogue between the body and light, between the real and the virtual. Like the Goddess Kore, the dancers take it in turns to confront thier shadows.The delicate music and the fluidity of movement make this a truly captivating show, an ingenious display of poetry in motion.
The dancers are on a 7-country Eastern Africa and Indian Ocean tour supported by Institut Français, the French International Agency for Cultural Cooperation.

Tue. 18 October 2016
Alliance Française Auditorium
2:30 & 6:30pm
Free Entry

18 Oct puppet show

An ordinary family is trying to live their daily life under an oppressive regime. The only escape is to fight it. Are we all puppets led by a higher power? Based on true stories of Hungarian citizens who fought for their freedom in 1956